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It’s time to vote! Your ballot should be in hand! I hope you will remember these “wins” as you consider your vote. Promises made and kept!

☑ NO utility tax
☑ Cut waste, improve revenues, balance the budget
☑ No increase in taxes or fees
☑ Transparency
☑ Ethical governance
☑ Improved public safety
☑ Better relationship with the Port of Seattle (SeaTac International Airport)
☑ Re-establish a real financial reserve
☑ Clean up long term liabilities
☑ Improved community services
☑ Improved parks, recreation opportunities for all
☑ A competent, inclusive council focused on SeaTac
☑ A welcoming community, with something to offer anyone who calls SeaTac “home”

This is all about people… creating a secure place to live.
Re-elect Erin for four more years of responsible governance.


Promises made, promises kept, a proud record of real progress.

In 2015, I was drawn back to SeaTac politics by the sudden appearance of a utility tax on many of my bills. I discovered that the good people of SeaTac were looking forward to an increase of almost $400 per year in taxes because City finances were not being handled properly by the city council. This 6% tax was imposed because it was easy to do, rather than seek to cut waste, and live within their means. I remember saying “well, this can’t be allowed to stand…”.

I made promises and pledges as I campaigned that year. I made promises and pledges at the start of my term, and continue to make them today, every time I am contacted by a member of our community with a problem or solution or suggestion. As a member of a council of seven, its inappropriate to take personal credit because we work as a team. We all take the lead on different initiatives, but we have a record. How have I done for you, my constituent, as a member of this dynamic and competent council? Take a look and I hope you will consider all of these wins as you consider your vote this November!

Promise: Repeal the utility tax
Outcome: ☑ The utility tax was repealed by the previous council as one of their last actions in 2015. In doing so, they left a 2.5 million dollar hole in the budget.

Promise: Cut waste, find the 2.5 and fill in the hole
Outcome: ☑ In the first 90 days, we found 2.5 million plus in unnecessary spending and filled that hole! Reduced redundant council travel, attendance at remote meetings. Instilled a sense of thrift in all city departments.

Promise: No increase in taxes or fees
Outcome: ☑ The City portion of your property taxes have not been raised in three years, nor will they be this year (2020). Fees for permits and licenses, including business licenses, have been reduced across the board.

Promise: Transparency
Outcome: ☑ Restoration of the council committee process, considering all decision items in open public meetings at a greater depth than in traditional whole council study sessions, taking advantage of each council-member’s expertise. Establishment of twice yearly Council townhall meetings, regular attendance of council members at community gatherings.

Promise: Ethical governance
Outcome: ☑ After years of residents requesting them, we established codes of ethics for council, volunteers and staff members of the City.

Promise: Improved public safety
Outcome: ☑ We have added additional police officers to our force, including dedicated crime detectives and two motor-cycle officers who are charged with keeping our traffic moving safely and efficiently. The City actively supports National Night Out each year with sponsored events. We revised the fire services contract with Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, realizing savings while enhancing services. We believe our fire fighters and police officers deliver the best product in the area, and we are safer for it.

Promise: Better relationship with our largest resident- the Port of Seattle (SeaTac International Airport)
Outcome: ☑ We have a 10 year interlocal agreement with the Port, ensuring consistent communication, community support and a 30 million dollar fund coming in to help make up for the increased traffic, people, expenses to our city as a result of airport operations.

Promise: Re-establish a real financial reserve
Outcome: ☑ Lifted the City out of a 2.5 million dollar deficit, we now have a 25 million dollar reserve that will keep our city stable through any economic downturn.

Promise: Clean up long term liabilities
Outcome: ☑ In 2019 we entered into a sales/purchase agreement to sell a large piece of develop-able property near the S. 154th light rail station, and also entered into a similar agreement to sell a piece of surplus property on S. 200th. This returns both of these significant parcels back to the tax rolls, and allows for needed housing and commercial development to occur. Private ownership of land is the American way.

Promise: Improve community services
Outcome: ☑ Revamped the way our City considers allocating our 1.5% commitment to human services funding by focusing more on our own residents needs, keeping more funds in the city for emergency services and also long term programs of education and job training.

Promise: Improve parks, recreation opportunities for all, while beautifying our city.
Outcome: ☑ Approved spending on new ball fields at Valley Ridge, approved a private-public partnership to create the Angle Lake trail and expanded lakefront park, opened the Riverton Heights Park as requested and designed by the local residents, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the SeaTac Community Center, consistent support to expand and improve the Highline Botanical Garden.

Promise: A competent, inclusive council focused on SeaTac
Outcome: ☑ We are a council of people who all own homes, all work or are retired from regular jobs, we all care about the city, and we work hard to represent every one of our almost 30,000 residents equally, equitably and fairly. We resist outside efforts to change our character, while working collaboratively with sister-cities, county agencies and local transportation districts.

Promise: Create a more welcoming community, with something to offer anyone who calls SeaTac “home”.
Outcomes: ☑ You council has passed a resolution embracing and celebrating the richness and depth of the diversity of our City, and we LIVE IT. We have embraced our regional tourism authority’s efforts to showcase the many reasons to come to SeaTac and to stay in SeaTac. We are a good place to live, work and raise a family.



Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Election day is November 5th!  Look for your voter’s pamphlet and ballot right after October 16th, and don’t forget to VOTE!

SeaTac is once again being targeted by outside special interest groups seeking to buy their way onto the City Council and control our city. What is their end-game? I believe it is ALL POLITICAL.  Big Seattle politics…they want a clean-sweep of south King County, pushing their problems into our small cities.   I am certain that the people of SeaTac would rather continue on our own path: a city with a low cost of living enjoying some of the  best public services in the area.  Taken together, you can see why SeaTac is consistently regarded as an affordable, safe and high quality place to live!

SeaTac has a well funded Parks/Recreation and Human Services Department.  Our City has plenty of open space, and some of the best public parks of any city offering a wide variety of experiences and recreation equipment.  Our human services and senior programs are focused on our people here in SeaTac, while working collaboratively across city and county borders.  Community and Economic Development is hard at work, bringing  business and good jobs to our local area, as well as planning for quality, work-force rate housing to help more people live closer to their work.

Our groundbreaking Inter-Local Agreement with the Port of Seattle allows SeaTac to collect funds directly from the airport to improve the lives of our residents with a $30 million minimum guarantee over ten years.  Those new police officers you’ve heard about?  Those are Port dollars in action, helping keep our community safe.

Our council positions are non-partisan, and I have worked hard to fairly represent everyone in our city regardless of political affiliation.  My record over the past four years demonstrates my commitment to careful stewardship of your tax dollars and preserving the character of our City while making forward-thinking decisions to the benefit of ALL who call SeaTac home.

My opponent has raised over $12,000 with only $200 from local SeaTac residents.  My financial supporters are local residents and businesses. 

Please spread the word that your Council is focused on SeaTac, and has a record of good governance and real progress for our people.  Watch out for slick campaigns and empty promises of the opposition.  I represent SeaTac, and am supported by SeaTac.

It has been an honor to represent you for almost four years.  I am running for re-election and hope to earn your vote again this year.  If you would like a “Re-elect Erin” yard sign, please let me know.  If you’d like more information or to contribute to my campaign please check my website at  My phone number is 253-350-0758, give me a call or text any time!